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Established in Sarawak since 1994, SuperSave is a proud Malaysia retail company that sells home improvement products. With more than 50 000 products over 50 outlets worldwide currently, Supersave Group is gradually transforming itself to live up to its name and that is “Savings for Everyone”.


for customers

We envision to provide customers household consumer goods at an affordable price with compelling shopping experience.

for us

As a local brand, we would like to expand our wings to the international market with its own unique organisation culture.


Supersave Group is a retail company that provides customers with household goods, gifts, and various accessories in the most convenient and time saving way with affordable and competitive pricing.

Shopping is about the experience, not only are we expanding our retail stores nationwide, we are also setting up our online shopping platform for our customers. Visiting our retail stores provides a better user experience while online shopping saves time, which we cater to the diversified needs of customers. It is also our goal to gradually improve our product quality at an affordable price.

Being one of the retail companies, we do not solely focus on our products, we too, aspire to provide great customer service to our customers, establish a unique network between us and the customers.


Every organisation embraces its own values in governing decision-making and problem-solving in the process of transformation. With these values we can build a common culture among the customers, our employees and the entire organisation.


Honest is the best policy. It is deemed as the foundation of our company and we would like to instil confidence in our employees, customers, and stakeholders by communicating clearly so that we generate assurance for everyone.


We are proud to be one of the leading home improvement retail company in Malaysia. As such, we are committed to provide the community with reasonably priced products served with a smile.


We treat our employees, customers, and partners with mutual respect and recognising their sensitivity. We strive to achieve diversity in our organisation and respect all individuals as well as their contributions.

Fair & Just

We believe in just competition and fair trading. All employees will be treated fairly and reward justly based on performances.