SUPERSAVE Group of Companies has been established in Sarawak dated back in 1994. What has started out to be a family oriented business back in Miri has made turns and tides throughout years of toil and dedication. Supersave Group of companies has triumphed economic recessions countless times and through the company has grown stronger. Supersave Group of Companies is more resilient to the ups and downs of the economy due to strategic positioning and extensive market survey; thus making it one of the well-known retail name throughout the Borneo region.

We have blossomed into a household name throughout not only over the boundaries in Sarawak but have extended throughout Sabah and even Brunei. As per the list below are branches that we are currently having operating throughout Borneo (Sarawak, Sabah & Brunei) Supersave Group of Companies is currently 41-branch strong throughout Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei. We are looking for expansions in the near year 2013 as Sabah and Sarawak is going through a metamorphosis and thus new developed areas spell new opportunity for entrance and growth.

Supersave Group of Companies have originated from a family business thus family values are instilled in the business as well. There are certain values which we treasure and will ensure that the values will be a driving and governing of process and activities within the companies.

Family values come in many different virtues but the main ones are as below:


Honesty is a virtue where all the staffs alike are treated fairly as a family member of Supersave Group of Companies and honesty shall govern a systematic workflow where every joint puts forth an honest operation. This is to ensure that every moving parts of the company are making an honest return through unequivocal path along this value.


Passion does not govern but it does instil drive in our employees. This family oriented company has made it this far through passion and we strongly believe that passion is no less vital in not only keeping this business afloat but to ensure its positive growth. Passion can be clearly seen throughout our branches back in the island of Borneo and we are positive of the passion that will be blended into our branches here as well.

Fair & Just

SUPERSAVE Group of Companies will be to its utmost when it comes to fair and just value. We will need to ensure that fair and just prevails throughout our operations. All employees will be treated fairly and they will be rewarded justly based on their performances. On the other hand, we will be treating our customers fairly; on the event of any unforeseen accidents, we will reimburse them accordingly and in the event of faulty goods; we will attend to it with a replacement and a sincere smile.

SUPERSAVE Group of Companies is basically into retail and as basic as we are, prices and quality of the products sold are second to none. Products such as ornaments, kitchen utilities, sports’ attires and equipments, decorations and so much more are meant not to boost spending capabilities of the customers but to show them that our products will be able to ensure festive seasons and daily non-perishable necessities can be afforded.


Vision Statement

Supersave Group of Companies is envisioning its growth to be extended to Peninsular Malaysia. We are looking forward to bring the same concept of business to the West.

Mission Statement

Along the way, we have conducted numerous searches for the perfect place to actually stamp our mark competitively. Our searches have started from the Federal Territories (Kuala Lumpur) to Selangor. Visions of placement and proceedings have been set; and Supersave Group of Companies is proud to present Supersave Concept Store Sdn Bhd and Supersave Multi Trading Company Sdn Bhd to carry forth the legally of Supersave Group of Companies that has flourished in the Borneo region.

Our mission of marching forth the extension of Supersave Group of Companies is through the setup of Supersave Concept Store Sdn Bhd and Supersave Multi Trading Company Sdn Bhd. The main purpose of setting up these 2(two) companies is to ensure that operations in both retail and resupply will be duly delegated to enhance effectiveness and efficiency.

SUPERSAVE Concept Store Sdn Bhd will be overlooking the retail business from point of management, finances, employee and customer relations. All the retail outlets will be selling similar products as the Management will take into account types of products to refurbish every month to ensure unique shopping experience for the clients.

SUPERSAVE Multi Trading Company Sdn Bhd is being setup as a backup for all the Supersave branches. This particular company will be dealing with storage, resupply and overlooking of the branches of Supersave in West Malaysia. This company takes full responsibility in purchasing, supplying and transporting all the goods to all the relevant branches.